Virus Removal

  Calling it an infestation is probably how you may have felt when your installed antivirus programs didn't protect your computer. Whether it's a Boot-Sector Virus, Browser Hijacker, Direct Action Virus, File Infector Virus, Web Scripting Virus, Rootkit or any of the other types of infections, eventually, somehow they may just get past all your pre-cautions you have in place.

  Anti-virus programs are a must but, they are only as good as the latest virus definition file on your computer. Your antivirus software depends on this virus definition file to detect malware and the signatures of viruses. New malware and viruses are constantly appearing on the internet and the definition file must be updated to include these new threats. That's why it's very important that when you get a message from your antivirus maker stating that there are new updates that need to be downloaded then you need to take the time to initiate the process. If you’re antivirus software has a setting to automatically download updates to the definition file I highly recommend that you set it to do so.

  Let's say your antivirus software is not set to automatically update the definition file or you don't take the time to manually update the definition file on a regular basis then the risk of you getting an annoying malware or destructive virus is high. Likewise, if your antivirus program doesn't utilize what is referred to as a Full-System Scan then the risks are even higher.

  If you should get a nasty malware or virus then it should be understood that they can attach themselves all over your hard drive. Sometimes running a full antivirus scan after you have updated your definition file may get rid of them. But, the real nasty ones may prevent you from running your antivirus program or infect your boot sector on your hard drive preventing you from booting up or just plain hi-jack your computer with a very annoying message on your screen. At this point that's when you need to call us or any computer repair facility that has the tools and software to regain control of your computer. But, we must caution you that there is a small chance that nothing can be done, and reinstalling your software may be the only choice. But, that option is very, very slim.

  If you’re not sure if your antivirus program is sufficient enough to protect you give us a call and we'll discuss it. Our AVG CloudCare anti-virus program is protection from the cloud with Full-System Scan, automated updates, email scanning, browser protection and more.

Call us and we'll be happy to discuss additional options to help prevent infestations.