AVAST CloudCare Residential Pricing∗∗;

Residential or family subscriptions are all self-monitored by a member of your family with our support to assure you that your PCs are protected from viruses, malware and other internet threats. AVAST Content filtering is a great way to protect children from sites that are concidered inappropriate. Choose to allow, block or limit access to the internet by simply logging into the AVAST CloudCare dashboard. AVAST AntiVirus comes with Free Remote IT which allows you to take care of problems anywhere you have access to the Internet.

     Monthly Yearly 2 Years
Per Device
AVAST Anti-Virus $3.30 $33.00 $59.49
AVAST Content Filtering†† $1.25 $12.50 $22.50
AVAST Cloud Backup per 25GB
Under 1 TB Storage $7.25/25GB - -
1 - 2 TB Storage $6.50/25GB - -
Over 2 TB Storage $6.25/GB - -

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††  Not to be installed on servers.

∗∗  AntiSpam,AVAST Email Archive,AVAST Email Archive Lite and AVAST Encrypted Email not available with Residential plans